Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mommy's Back.... Still broken

My back isn't really seeming to get any better or any worse. I'm trying to take it easy and only do the things I know aren't going to hurt, but it's hard. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a hard time sitting still and asking for help.  Mornings and evenings seem to be when I am in the most pain... and I seem to be okay in the middle of the day.
I've been having lots of muscles spasms, but haven't wanted to take the muscle relaxers because the babies can't have my breast milk for 48 hours if I do. So yesterday, Brent bought me a heating pad to try to help my muscles relax.
I'm doing okay carry Emily around. I can pick Kyle up with only a little bit of pain if I am sitting down (lots of pain if I am standing).  I can sit on the floor and play with the babies. I can't pick the babies up when they are laying in their cribs, or lay them down in their cribs. I can get the babies in their car seats, but there is no way I am going to be able to pick up the car seats any time soon.
I am very thankful for our families and friends and their willingness to help. I'm very thankful that we have parents and sisters who are willing to drive/fly out here to help out! I'm not sure what we are doing to do when we "run out" of family help in two and a half weeks. Hopefully by they time I will be able to take care of the babies by my self when Brent is working.


When I was done feeding Kyle and Emily their breakfast this morning, I left them in their highchairs while I ate a banana. They both were opening their mouths and drooling over watching me eat. So I decided to see what they would do if I gave them some of my banana. I mushed off pieces and put it in their mouths. At first, they both made funny faces, but seemed to like it. They ended up eating half of my banana!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Update on Kyle's Head

We went to get Kyle's helmet adjusted today. Now he only has a difference of 1/8 of an inch between the sides of his head! This is a HUGE improvement. We got back in 3 weeks for another adjustment. Kyle shouldn't have a whole lot longer left wearing his helmet!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Holding Our Own

Kyle and Emily have started to hold their bottles all by them selves! Emily does most of the time and Kyle does about half of the time.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grandpa's Pictures #2

"Daddy knows a lot Grandpa knows everything"

Update On Mommy's Back

I'm doing okay... as long as I don't do too much, I don't hurt too bad. Riding in the car is NOT fun - I feel every little bump... and the big bumps give me some sharp shooting pains.
I can hold both of the babies if I am sitting down and don't have any more pain than normal. I can pick Emily up and carry her around without a problem. If I am standing and holding Kyle, I don't have any pain, but if I pick Kyle up, it hurts pretty bad. I can't reach in their cribs to get them... or even to hold their bottles for them if they are laying in their cribs eating.
If I pick up the full water pitcher or a full gallon of milk and only use one hand, it hurts.
I have a hard time getting up off the floor by my self if I don't have anything to pull myself up on... and it hurts if I don't use both hands.
When I am brushing my teeth and bend over to spit, it hurts.
Getting in and out of the car hurts.
Putting dishes in or taking them out of the bottom tray on the dishwasher hurts.
Sleeping is getting better. I was told that sleeping flat on my back was best. My new pillow made a huge difference, but after laying on my back for four or five hours, I start to get muscles spasms. I was given a muscle relaxer to help with this, but Kyle and Emily can't have my breastmilk if I take it... so instead I have been laying on my side for a little bit and that has been helping.
I'm very thankful for all of the help from my Mom and Mike! I'm sad that they are leaving tomorrow... but on Monday, Brent's Mom will be here for 10 days to help out! :)

Kyle and Emily's Schedule

When the babies got sick... they really got thrown off schedule wise. They were sleeping way more and eating a little bit here and there. We really just went with the follow until they started feeling better. Saturday they were almost back on schedule, and Sunday they were pretty much there.... and then mommy fell and broke her back... and threw everything off schedule again.
The last two days I feel like we've finally settled back into a schedule... hopefully as Grandma and Grandpa Franks leave and Grandma Eubank comes, the babies won't be thrown off again.
This is what we've been doing...
6:30ish - The babies wake up and Daddy feeds them bottles and changes their diapers without taking them out of their cribs and they go back to sleep
8:00ish - Babies wake up and want to play! (Grandma and Grandpa have been playing with them so that Mommy and Daddy came sleep!)
9:00ish - Mommy feeds babies fruit and cereal and then babies play some more
10:00ish - Babies finish their morning bottles and go to sleep
Noonish - Babies wake up from nap and Mommy feeds them lunch - fruit or veggies, and then the babies play
2:00ish - Babies have bottles and go down for a nap
3:30ish - Babies wake up and play! They are offered more milk during play time - sometime they drink it and sometimes they don't
5:00ish - Mommy feeds babies veggies for dinner, after dinner, babies play a little bit
6:00ish - Bath time, followed by bed time routine
7:00ish - Babies are sleeping
11:00ish - Daddy feeds babies a bottle

Friday, October 21, 2011


This morning I gave Kyle and Emily puffs to see what they would do with them. Emily wasn't too sure about it for the first couple, but once she realized it was food, she seemed to enjoy it. Kyle made some gaggy faces, but eventually swallowed them.

Grandpa's Pictures

You can still see a little bit of the bruise on his forehead from when Mommy fell and broke her back

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

32 Weeks Old

Mommy Broke Her Back

Sunday afternoon I was bringing Kyle downstairs after his nap... And I slipped on the stairs! I protected Kyle and took the brunt of the fall on the middle of my back.  Brent grabbed Kyle (who is fine) and called 911 while I tried my best to stay still.
The ambulance got there and the EMT's put a neck brace on me and loaded me up on the back board. They took me to hospital and then I laided and staired at the ceiling for a little bit. Eventually, doctors and nurses took me off the back board and I got sent for a CT.
The CT showed a fracture in my T4 vertabra. This meant they had to send me to the trama center at another hospital, so they loaded me up and I went for another ambulance ride.
Once at Christiana, we waited in the ED for a long time. I eventally saw the trama doctors. They admitted me and ordered an MRI. I got to my room about midnight, and had my MRI around 3am.
I had to lay flat on my back with the neck brace on and wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything until they got the MRI results back to know if I needed to have surgery or not. I also had to attempt to pump while laying flat on my back... let's just say that got a little messy - but with the nurses' help, we made it work. :)
A little after noon, the nurse said the neurosurgeon read the MRI results and they finally let me drink and moved my bed so I could sit up a little bit! We knew this was a good sign that I wasn't going to need surgery!
Around 4pm the neurosurgeon finally came in. He said no surgery! He also informed me that I have not one, but two fractures (T3 & T4). He said my neck was okay, so he took the brace off my neck. He helped me sit up and checked me all out. He told me I was allowed to get up out of bed and could move around a little bit. He also ordered a brace for me. He told me that if I had to break my back, I broke it in the best place with the best type of fracture.
I spent one more night in the hospital and am now at home! The only restriction is "if it hurts, don't do it." But really.. that means not bending and twisting or picking up anything heavy. He told me Kyle was probably the heaviest thing that I was going to want to pick up. I am pretty sore still and moving carefully. I haven't picked up the babies yet, but have cuddled with them in my chair and sat on the floor and played with them. I'm very happy to be home with my babies again... I missed them very much!

My mom and Michael (step-dad) are here right now and are staying through the weekend. Next week Brent's mom is coming out (which was already planned) and then the following week Kara is coming out to help. And the week after that, Alyssa (and Cubbie!)  is available to come out if we need her. We also have some great friends out here in Delaware that have helped and have offered to help if we need it. We are very thankful for the support system God has provided us with.

After taking care of the babies full time for two days, Daddy has a new appreciation for all of the work mommy does... He's just a little worn out! :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Some Updates

Illness -
We all seem to be getting better. Brent and I feel back to normal today, with the except of my ears hurting. Kyle and Emily are still full of snot, but seem happy and content (except for when I am trying to suck the snot out of their noses), so I am assuming they are feeling better. Emily did throw up last night, but I think that has more to do with the flu shot she got yesterday...

Separate Cribs -
Emily and Kyle seem to like having their own cribs. They have taken longer naps (might just be because they didn't feel good) and they seem to go to sleep a little bit quicker. I frequently check on them when they are sleeping... and it seems like every time I peek in their room, they are both in different positions. I think they are more comfy sleeping by them selves because they have more room to move around and such.

Cloth Diapers -
I am still loving that we switched to cloth diapers and still really wish we would have made the switch sooner! My only "issue" is that I am having some problems keeping the diapers and inserts white... Any suggestions from other cloth diaper mommys out there? The only thing I've really tried is setting the diapers in the sun, which helped a little bit, so I might try that again and try to leave them in the sun for longer.

Eating -
Emily and Kyle have been eating three meals a day all week. We have been doing fruits and cereal for breakfast, fruits for lunch, and veggies for dinner. Tonight for dinner they will have their first stage two veggie! We still have a couple more stage one fruits; I'm thinking Monday will be the first state two veggie.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Weeks Old

Kyle's Head is Improving!

After Emily got discharged, we stopped at the helmet place on the way out of the hospital. He had some red spots last night that didn't go away, so we knew his helmet needed to be adjusted. He had an appointment on Thursday, but we are supposed to bring him in if there is any rubbing going on.

The helmet dude made lots of adjustments to the inside of Kyle's helmet and took measurements of Kyle's head. His head is 1/2 cm larger in circumference than it was 12 days ago! I think I have a growing boy! And he told me that Kyle is half way to where he needs to be to stop wearing the helmet! Yay! Hopefully by Christmas the little dude will be helmet free!

And We're Home!

Emily did good all night and this morning. Her oxygen levels stayed normal and she didn't have any more blue lips! So, during rounds this morning, the doctors discharged Emily!

Emily is in the Hospital

Both babies have had running noses all day and Emily has had a low grade fever all day. They both were very drooly and chewing on everything, so I assumed it was from teething. Late this afternoon, Emily started coughing really hard and get upset. Her lips turned a nice shade of blue, so I called the doctor. They told me to head over to AI (the children's hospital) to the ER and get her checked out.
So mommy and the babies went to the ER; Daddy was at work. They checked Emily all out - tested her snot and took a chest x-ray. Everything came back negative, but because her snot was clear, they knew the snot would. The doctor said even though it was negative, she's pretty sure Emily has RSV. Because she was doing better, they normally would have sent her home. But because we was pre-term, they wanted to keep her in the hospital overnight to monitor her.
They got her all set up in a hospital crib, hooked up to all sorts of monitors and such. Around 11:00pm, Kyle and I came home and Brent (who came as soon as he could leave work) is staying at the hospital with Emily for the night. As long as her breathing does okay through the night, she will get to come home in the morning.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today Kyle and Emily started "eating lunch." So they now eat fruit and cereal for breakfast, a fruit or veggie for lunch, and two veggies for dinner. By the end of the week, we will move up to stage two baby foods! They are also still getting five bottles of breast milk a day.

Today I put together a second crib! When the babies fight sleep (mostly during nap time), Kyle has been rolling over and hurting Emily. Because of this, we decided it was time for them to both have their own cribs.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

7 Months Old!

  • Sitting up all by him self
  • Can pull himself up to a standing position
  • Can get to pretty much anywhere doing the baby army crawl and rolling
  • Gets on hands and knees and moves back and forth
  • Has become very talkative - favorite phrase "mamamamamamama"
  • Loves to eat from a spoon
  • Drinking about 35 oz of breastmilk a day
  • Eating about 3 oz of baby food a day
  • Wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes... some 3 months and some 6 months
  • Wearing cloth diapers on "M" size settings and the biggest snaps
  • Sitting up all by herself
  • Can pull herself up to a stand position
  • Enjoying rolling and more tummy time
  • Has become very talkative - favorite phrase "dadadadadadadada"
  • Loves fruits and orange veggies
  • Drinks about 30 oz of breastmilk a day
  • Eating about 3 oz of baby food a day
  • Wearing mostly 3 month clothes - some 3-6 months
  • Wearing cloth diapers on the "M" size setting and the smallest snaps

Thursday, October 6, 2011