Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Grandpa's Pictures #3

25 Weeks Old

Monday, August 29, 2011

Grandpa's Videos

Professional Pictures

We went today to get professional pictures of Emily and Kyle done with Grandma and Grandpa... the babies were in an okay mood to start with, but got cranky quickly. The lady that did the pictures didn't seem to have much experience; afterwards she said she had only been doing this for two months and had never taken picture of twins before. She took tons of pictures, but we only got to see eight or so. There were a couple good ones of Emily by her self, and two decent ones of both the babies together. Mom and Mike ordered a package of one of the prints; they will be ready in a couple weeks. Once we get them, it will share the picture!

Grandpa's Pictures #2

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grandpa's Pcitures

Sweet Potatoes!

I gave Kyle and Emily sweet potatoes today for the first time. It was a hit! Together they ate the whole little container. It's the most food they have ever eaten on one sitting. Grandpa was taking pictures while we were eating....

Hurricane Irene

We made it through our first hurricane! It rained most of the afternoon yesterday and around dinner time the rain and wind started to pick up. Brent worked for a little while, but Pat's had to close because the governor put driving restrictions in effect. The babies were in bed and the big people were playing euchre and then came a tornado warning (about 10ish)! We gathered Kyle and Emily, my pump (very thankful for the new one that will run on batteries!), some bottles, diapers, blankets, a computer, our phones, and flashlights and we headed to the basement. There was already some water at the bottle of the stairs, so we got wet feet. We found a dry spot and very shortly (within minutes) the power went out! We kept track of the tornado warnings with the internet on my phone (we don't have a battery powered radio), and once we were in the clear we headed up stairs. We played with the babies a bit, fed them again and put them to bed in a pack'n'play in the living room. Mike went upstairs to go to bed, and eventually my mom did too. I stayed awake for a little bit while Brent took a nap. Then I slept on the couch while Brent stayed awake and listened to the radio on my phone to make sure it was safe for us not to be in the basement. About 2am our power came back on, so Brent watch the news on the TV for a while. Eventually my mom came back downstairs and watched with Brent. I was awake a little bit here and there. About 5am, we lost our cable and internet.

After the babies morning nap and feeding, my mom and I wanted to go for a walk. We took the babies with us and didn't make it very far before it started raining. We ended up going for a drive instead and Mike went us. Here are some pictures...

There was some pretty made flooding right down the road from us (the road was closed in front of Food Lion), but we didn't go that way to look.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bye Bye Family Vacation

Grandpa Eubank was sad that he had to say "Good-Bye"

Emily decided she wanted to stay on family so that she could cuddle with Great Grandpa Cary!

Bye Bye Grandma and Grandpa Eubank

Grandma and Grandpa Eubank with their FIVE grandbabies! Can you find the fifth?
(It's in Alyssa's belly on the far left of the picture!)

We left the beach house just after 8:00am and were to the airport by 9:30am. We drove a car and left it in the parking garage with the key locked inside for Brent's dad to pick up later that day. We got to our gate about 10:30am for our 11:40am flight. As we were getting the tags to gate check our stroller and car seats, our flight was delayed until 2:30pm. Not ideal, but not really a big deal.... We went and found a place for me to pump and then headed back to our gate. As we were getting back to our gate, we were informed that our flight had been canceled! Thankfully the lady at the desk thought of us right away when she saw our flight was canceled and booked us on the next flight available. That flight was scheduled for 8:15pm and we got two of the eight seats left on the flight. We wondered around the airport, stopped here and there to let the babies play on their blankets, found food, wondered around some more, found places for me to pump for the babies could have milk, and so on.
The "highlight" of the day.... I was sitting with Kyle and Emily by my self while Brent went to get something to eat. We were sitting at a pretty empty gate and had our stuff all spread out everywhere and Kyle and Emily were laying on their blanket rolling around and playing. Four ladies came up and sat in the chairs right by where we were sitting on the floor - I was a little annoyed they had to sit so close to us because there were so many other open seats. Then they started making faces and playing peek a boo with the babies - again, a little annoyed, but not a big deal. Then one of them started getting REALLY close and acting like she was going to touch Emily. I asked her not to touch her and then she decided she wanted to hold her. She said "I hold?" and I said "No Way" and picked up both babies and put them and all of our stuff in their stroller in about 20 seconds and we were out of there. Crazy people!
Our flight got delayed sometime in the late afternoon, and eventually took off at 8:40pm. We landed in Philly about 11:30pm (our time... Chicago is an hour behind us) and by the time we got all of our stuff and got it loaded into our ride's car and got home... it was almost 1am. When we got home, I pumped and we fed the babies and put them to bed.
It was a VERY long day! We spent 11 hours in the airport! Kyle and Emily did very well!

Today was another long day! My pump started having issues on vacation and the battery pack (so I can pump without being plugged in) stopped working. I called this morning and was able to get a new pump. They wanted to mail me one, which normally wouldn't be a big deal.... but it wouldn't have been here until Monday or Tuesday and Irene (the hurricane) is supposed to be here on Sunday and there is a VERY good chance that we are going to not have power for several days. I was able to go buy a new one, and I just have to send in my receipt and they will refund me my money! I am very thankful that it was an easy solution!
So, we had to go to Babies'R'Us to get a new pump and Kyle had physical therapy this afternoon. Kyle and Emily did not want to be in their carseats or stroller at all today! But we made it through and now Grandma and Grandpa Franks are here to visit and help us make it through Hurricane Irene!

The Zoo!

On Wednesday of family vacation we went to the zoo! Emily and Kyle didn't really care.... They road around in their stroller for a while and then were also carried around for a while so they could see the animals a little better.

We went down the slides with our cousins Tiffany and Janna!