Sunday, January 30, 2011

Belly Pictures

A lot of people keep asking me to post pictures of my belly.... don't get your hopes up about this because it will not be happening. Here's some of the reasons why...
  • Brent and I decided from the beginning we were not going to post pictures of my belly for the whole world to see. We have taken a few for us and to show Kyle and Emily when they grow up if they care to see, but we will not being sharing them with the whole world. That being said, we will not give in to peer pressure (or family pressure in most cases). There is nothing wrong with sharing belly pictures; it's just something that Brent and I don't feel comfortable with.
  • I get sick of hearing "You're so small for having twins" from the people I see and talk to, I don't need to get more of this from friends over the internet that don't see me everyday. No, my belly is not HUGE like everyone thinks it should be, but the doctors are not concerned about my size - they have actually used the word "prefect" to describe the size of my belly.
  • I am not HUGE and most likely will not get HUGE. I just look like I am pregnant - I am bigger than most people for where I am at in my pregnancy, but only a couple weeks. I have just over six pounds of babies in my belly - which isn't close to what most people have for full term singletons.
  • If you know me very well at all - you would know I do not like having my picture taken.

There are more reasons, but these are the big ones. Please respect our decision not to post pictures of my belly and stop asking me about it.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday's OB Appointment

My appointment went well. The doctor said that most likely Emily's heart will correct itself and it won't be anything to worry about. Their heart rates were both a little higher than Wednesday, but still within the normal range. She said my belly looks good, along with my weight gain (I now weigh 9lbs more than I did when I got pregnant).

My belly button has been going back and forth from being flat to popping out the last couple weeks... I think it has finally decided to stay out. It's weird looking :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 Week Ultrasound

We had an ultrasound yesterday with the high risk specialists (where most of my ultrasounds are) and the babies are growing! Emily is 2 lbs 14 oz and Kyle is 3 lbs 6 oz. My baby boy has a little chubby belly :) The doctor wasn't concerned about the difference in their size. When I asked the ultrasound tech about it, she said that normally with boy/girl twins the boys tend to be a little bit bigger and that with fraternal twins it's like having to separate pregnancies going on in my belly at the same time, so it's really nothing to worry about. So we'll keep watching and hopefully Emily will take after Kyle and start putting on weight more quickly so we can have two healthy sized babies when they come out!

We didn't get any pictures to share - Emily had her arms in front of her face the whole time and Kyle had his arms up and Emily's butt in his face the whole time. Emily had the hiccups, so it was kind of cool watching and feeling her little body bounce around. She is still head down and just waiting to be big enough to come out. Kyle was practicing breathing. He is still transverse, but has moved down out of my rib cage a little bit.

We did get a bit of potentially bad news though... Emily is having atrial contractions. This means that she has an extra beat in the rhythm of her heart. The doctor said there are lots of things that can cause this and most of the time it goes away by birth. For now they are just going to watch it closely. I will now have weekly doctors appointments and in two weeks will start weekly ultrasounds - which is a little earlier than planned, but not much. I also was told to be completely caffeine free - no pop, no chocolate, no tea, no anything with caffeine in it - to help Emily's little heart.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow with my OB and plan on asking some more questions about Emily's heart now that it has had time to set in. Will try to post an update again tomorrow or Saturday about what my doctor says.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finally Feeling Better

On Thursday, Kyle decided that he would give me some breathing room! I still have problems breathing when I am up moving around a lot, bend over, or squish my belly in any way... but I can carry on a conversation without gasping for air!

In other news - our realtor is having an open house for our house tomorrow afternoon. Please pray that it will go well and will spark some interest in our house. She has suggested that we reduce our asking price, we are aren't ready to do that yet. The lower we go, the more we are going to have to pay to sell our house... and we are trying to prevent having to go into more debt to sell our house.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Baby Boy Loves My Lungs

The past couple days I have been very uncomfortable and have been having lots of problems breathing. I have felt like I have constantly been having the wind knocked out of me... a couple times I have been so short of breath my lips have turned blue! I called my OB this morning and they had me come in to see the doctor. Apparently this is fairly normal for having twins... specially because Kyle is all the way on the top of my uterus in a transverse position and a lot of the time that means he is inside my rib cage. She gave me an inhaler and it provides amazing relief for a while. Hopefully Kyle will get the hint soon and move down a little more to give me some more room to breath!
The other not so good news is that I have lost weight again... the doctor didn't seem real concerned about it because the babies and my belly are getting bigger. It's just kinda weird... I am 28 weeks pregnant with twins and only weight 4 pounds more than I did when I got pregnant.
The good news: my contractions have slowed down and I only have 10 more weeks at most before we get to meet Kyle and Emily. In 6 weeks it will be considered safe to deliver them, 8 weeks is my goal, and 10 weeks is when they will be evicted (I'll be induced). We are getting so close!

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Trip to the Hospital of the New Year

I have had a pretty rough week. It started over the weekend when it felt like Kyle and Emily were doing flips in my belly. Then Monday night I started to get lower back pain and it kind of went down hill from there. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the day I was having sporadic cramping that I was pretty sure were contractions. They got worse at night and were accompanied by lower back pain. This morning I called and spoke with a nurse at my doctor's office and she was pretty sure they were contractions too. I got sent to the hospital to get checked out. When I got to the hospital, they hooked up me to the monitors and watched my babies and my contractions. The doctor checked me all out and I am not dilated at all, which is a good thing. She said that at this stage in my pregnancy there is a fine line between what is normal and what is pre-term labor because of the fact that I am having twins. She said right now it doesn't seem to be much to worry about, but if I get to the point where I am having more than six contractions in an hour that I need to call my doctor and head to the hospital. She also said that I probably would keep having these contractions until I go into labor and have the babies... so I guess I better get used to it! We'll see what my doctor has to say at my appt next Friday.
The good news is that Kyle and Emily appear to be perfectly fine! I love my little babies and am very excited to meet them.... but I really would like them to stay in my belly for at least another 6 weeks... hopefully they will stay in there though for another 8!