Friday, August 6, 2010

Not one... not two... but THREE

I had my first ultrasound on Wednesday morning. We were very suprised to see three little black spots in my uterus! The idea of triplets is unreal - it's exciting and terriying and everything else all at the same time.
After my ultrasound we waiting a couple minutes to see the doctor. His comment was "that's a lot of college to pay for." So true... then he started to explain the situation to us. Two of the babies are normal size as to where they should be. The third is about half the size. He said that most cases like this end up with what's called vanishing twin syndrom - meaning that I may miscary the smallest baby. We'll have to watch it over the next couple weeks to see what happens - my doctor seems to think though that we are going to end up with twins.
My doctor recommended that we don't tell people yet that we are expecting multiples - not even our parents and closest friends. He said it's best to wait until we know for sure if the third little guy is going to hang on or if he is going to "vanish." So for now, it's our secret. The secret is harder to keep than the fact that I am pregnant because there is so much to it (or so many!)!

Emotionally, I think Brent and I are both a little overwhelmed at the thought of having three babies! His thoughts pertain to the "how are we going to pay for three babies" and mine are "how are we going to take care of three babies". If we have triplets, or even twins, it wouldn't make much sense for me to go back to work after the babies are born - I wouldn't be making much after paying for daycare. So we would have to come up with a way to afford for all of us to live off of Brent's income... which isn't a whole lot considering he is in ministry full time. But, I am confident that God will provide us with everything that we need - there just are going to be some major adjustments and changes.

Physically, I am doing okay. I am tried all the time and not sleeping very well. It seems like I wake up every couple hours either because I have to pee or I am hungery! I'm also having lots of morning sickness - or all the time sickness. I've only thrown up a couple times...but I constantly feel like I am going too. It's the strangest feeling - feeling like I am going to throw up and being starving at the same time. My boobs also hurt all the time and have already started to get bigger. It's crazy how much I already feeling my body changing... and I am only 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant!

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