Monday, August 30, 2010

Growing, Growing, Growing

I had another appointment on Friday. Everything looked good! Both babies were almost 2 cm long and both had heart rates of 160.

I'm starting to feel a little better. I am still exhausted all the time, but the nausea is getting better and I am keeping down most of the food I eat.

We've started telling a few more people at church. We plan on making the news public in two weeks. Brent's grandparents are going to be here, so we'll tell them and then start to tell other family and friends and such.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Everything Looks Good

I had another appointment today! It was a bit crazy getting there because the main road was closed due to a fatal car accident. Luckily, I have an amazing husband who found a way for me to get around it and get to my appointment on time!

Both of the babies look good. It's amazing to see how much bigger they have gotten in the last week. They are both about a centimeter long and have good little hearts. It's pretty cool to see their hearts beating!

The doctor told me he would see me three more times and then discharge me to my normal OB. We've decided that I am going to switch OB/Gyn's because my current one delivers at a hospital that doesn't have as good of an NICU. This wouldn't really be a concern if we were just having one baby, but because it's twins I want to make sure we are in a place that has everything they may need if there are any problems. I called the new OB's office today and made my first appointment with them for September 17th. At that point I will be nearing the end of my first trimester - pretty crazy.

Interesting fact I learned today about being pregnant: you bruise more easily. When the nurse took blood last week, it left a bruise. This isn't that abnormal for me normally, but she has taken my blood several times over the past 6 months and has only bruised me once. She explained to me that because of the increased blood flow when your pregnant you tend to bruise way easier. Which would explain the random massive bruise on the back of my leg.

I told my grandma today that I was pregnant with twins. She was way supper excited and I'm pretty sure it made her day, which made me excited.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bad News and Good News

I had a doctors appointment yesterday.

Bad News
I miscarried one of the babies.

Good News
The twins look great! They are both about the same size and the size that they should be. We got to see their little hearts beating on the ultra sound. It was pretty cool.

We told our parents about the twins, but are still waiting to tell other people - most people still don't even know I am pregnant. Will probably wait another five weeks or so.

They gave me medicine to help with the throwing up! Its pretty much my new favorite drug. Except, when I forgot to take another dose last night, I threw up again!

My parents and Kara are here for the weekend, so we are having fun with them!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Sleepy....

Over the weekend I slept tons and tons. Going back to work on Monday kicked my butt. I was so tried by lunch time and desperately wanted to take a nap! Today was the same story.

My belly has been giving me issues too. I constantly feel like I am going to throw up and am constantly starving. It's the strangest feeling. Friday and Saturday I had issues keeping food down, Sunday and Monday I did good and didn't throw up all day. This morning... I threw up again. I was doing good and eating my oat meal when my boss decided to tell me how nasty my oak meal looked - and that was the end of the oat meal and my not throwing up streak. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

On Sunday part of my tooth fell out. I knew it was cracked, but the dentist wanted to wait until I was in my second trimester to do anything about it, so I had an appt schedule in October for a crown, but now I go in on Thursday to see what they can do to fix it now - I don't want to go another eight weeks with this hole in my mouth.

My mom and Mike and Kara will be here Thursday thru Monday, so let's see if we can keep the whole more than one baby secret from them! I also have another appt with my doctor on Friday for more bloodwork and another ultrasound. I'm looking forward to seeing the little babies again and to see how they are growing!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not one... not two... but THREE

I had my first ultrasound on Wednesday morning. We were very suprised to see three little black spots in my uterus! The idea of triplets is unreal - it's exciting and terriying and everything else all at the same time.
After my ultrasound we waiting a couple minutes to see the doctor. His comment was "that's a lot of college to pay for." So true... then he started to explain the situation to us. Two of the babies are normal size as to where they should be. The third is about half the size. He said that most cases like this end up with what's called vanishing twin syndrom - meaning that I may miscary the smallest baby. We'll have to watch it over the next couple weeks to see what happens - my doctor seems to think though that we are going to end up with twins.
My doctor recommended that we don't tell people yet that we are expecting multiples - not even our parents and closest friends. He said it's best to wait until we know for sure if the third little guy is going to hang on or if he is going to "vanish." So for now, it's our secret. The secret is harder to keep than the fact that I am pregnant because there is so much to it (or so many!)!

Emotionally, I think Brent and I are both a little overwhelmed at the thought of having three babies! His thoughts pertain to the "how are we going to pay for three babies" and mine are "how are we going to take care of three babies". If we have triplets, or even twins, it wouldn't make much sense for me to go back to work after the babies are born - I wouldn't be making much after paying for daycare. So we would have to come up with a way to afford for all of us to live off of Brent's income... which isn't a whole lot considering he is in ministry full time. But, I am confident that God will provide us with everything that we need - there just are going to be some major adjustments and changes.

Physically, I am doing okay. I am tried all the time and not sleeping very well. It seems like I wake up every couple hours either because I have to pee or I am hungery! I'm also having lots of morning sickness - or all the time sickness. I've only thrown up a couple times...but I constantly feel like I am going too. It's the strangest feeling - feeling like I am going to throw up and being starving at the same time. My boobs also hurt all the time and have already started to get bigger. It's crazy how much I already feeling my body changing... and I am only 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant!