Friday, April 18, 2014

Colby's Follow up with the Allergist

This kid has had more doctor's appointments in the past couple months... he likes to "help" take his blood pressure, temp, and listen to his heart. It's cute... but it's sad that a one year old knows what all that stuff is for.

We updated the doctor on all that's happened with Colby's health in the past three months... and shared the new allergens we have figured out.

We talked about hives and eczema and rashes and asthma...

They want Colby to start taking zyrtec every morning. They also told us to give him his singular in the morning instead of at night time. This will hopefully help with his environmental allergies and help him breath easier with all the "junk" in the wonderful spring air. He said if this doesn't work, we can talk about allergy shots. He also said, if the asthma becomes more of an issue, we'll start nebulizer treatments.

Colby is currently taking hydroxozine twice a day (it's an antihistamine). We can use this up to four a day, so he said if he's seeming to have a reaction, then to give him more. If he's swelling and has hives, we can do Benadryl or his epi pen if needed also.

They suggested to keep up with our food journal to continue to help pin point other allergens that are causing reactions.

Last visit, we had talked about retesting and doing food challenges in the office. But at this point, we aren't going to do any more testing until he's at least two. Until then, we will continue with meds and avoid known allergens. We'll go back in three months to check in and see how he's doing unless we have more issues before then.....

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Colby's Biopsy Results

The GI's office called today with the results of Colby's biopsies...

He tested positive for the EOE...

He also tested positive for Celiac's disease...

Because his intestines had no visual indications of celiac's and looked healthy when the doctor was checking them out during the endoscopy, he is having all of the biopsies sent to UofM for a second opinion.

So... Colby unofficial has celiac's disease...

We go back for a follow up on May 19th. By then, they will have to results back from UofM, so we should get an official diagnosis.

Until then... Colby and I are to be gluten free...

And... dairy, oats, peanuts, tree nuts, tomatoes, and citrus free...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Colby's Endoscopy

Colby had his endoscopy today. It was kind of a long morning... he wasn't allowed any solids after mid night and had to stop nursing at 9:30.

He screamed most of the 45 minute drive to the hospital, but then was okay once we got there. He played iPad with Grandpa while we waited. We kind of got excited when they told us one of the people before us was a no show, meaning we should get to go back early.... but he ended up having his procedure right at time... at 3:30.

While we were in holding, Colby fell asleep from some of the oral meds. When it was time, I carried him into the OR and held him while they got him hooked up to the heart monitors and such. He woke up a little when I laid him down on the table, but when right back to sleep. He woke up once the gas mask was put on his face and was not happy about that. But after screaming for 30 seconds or so, he was out. I gave him a kiss and walked out.

About a half hour later, Colby's doctor came into the waiting room to talk to us. He said that everything looked great. There were no signs of ulcers or inflammation anywhere in his GI tract! This means most likely no celiac's disease! In about a week, we should have back all of the results from the biopsies and allergy panels to know for sure about the celiac's disease and should have some answers about the EOE.

The doctor told us that I should be paged to go back to recovery in about 10 minutes... a half hour later, I still hadn't heard anything and started to get nervous. It was about 45 minutes after we talked to the doctor, that I finally got to go back to recovery. Apparently, they gave Colby a large dose of benadryl to help prevent any possible allergic reactions to the anesthesia and and that's why it took him so long to wake up.

Once we were able, he nursed... and nursed... and nursed. Then ate some crackers and drank some apple juice. Then he was discharged and on our way!

He's been a little silly, but mostly just wanted to eat and sleep since we've been home. Hopefully he'll be a good sleeper tonight and be back to normal tomorrow!

Friday, March 28, 2014

14 Months Old

This little stud is fourteen months old! Hopefully being fourteen months old will be a little easier on the kiddo than thirteen months was! 

Colby is picking up all of the "sass" from his brother and sister. He definitely is a spunky little guy and wants things done his way. He has mastered throwing a fit and tends to throw them often if he doesn't get his way!

Colby still only has two teeth, but the top center two should be making their appearance very soon. I've been able to kind of feel them for a couple days and today one is finally starting to be visible!

Colby LOVES to climb. He will climb on anything and everything he is able. He can easily get into Kyle and Emily's beds now. He can also climb on to the couch without any help. He climbs onto Mommy and Daddy's bed by pushing a chair next to it and climbing on to the chair and then the bed. I have also found him sitting on the kitchen table when I've left the room for a moment.

After being sick so for long, we were struggling to get Colby to eat normal. I finally feel like he's eating well again. He seems to enjoy most stuff that we give to him. At the moment his favorites seem to be potatoes, rice crispies (with coconut milk), and beans.

We are still trying to figure out some things allergies wise. Currently his "no-no list" is dairy, oats, peanuts, tree nuts, tomatoes, citrus, and carrots. For a while, peas were on the list too, but we tried those again last week and he didn't have a reaction! The doctors were thinking there was a dye of some sort that he was allergic too, but based on what he's been okay to eat, I'm back to thinking it was the zofran that he reacted to in the ER a month ago. I'm also thinking that there is some sort of preservative (possible MSG) that he's reacting too. Gluten is also an issue, but until we do his endoscopy, he is still eating gluten (read about that here if you haven't yet). And I'm also avoiding everything on his list as I'm continuing to breastfeed him!

Kyle and Emily got doctor kits for their birthday and they seem to be Colby's new favorite toy. He loves to play with the stethoscope and "listen" to everyone's heart. It's WAY cute!

Colby is starting to talk a little more. He has said "mama," "daddy," and "yeah" for a while. In the past month his vocab has grown to include "boob," "bye," "quack" (while playing with ducks), "vroom" (while playing with cars), "love you," and a few other words that I can't think of right now.

Colby loves to wave "hi" and "bye" to people. He also loves to give people high fives. In the past couple days he has also started blowing kisses.

Colby can follow directions now. Sometimes he chooses not to, but he understands when we ask him to do things. He is starting to help put away toys and his dirty clothes when asked.

Colby loves to play with phones and iPads. He will sit and play with the unlock screen on my phone for a while. If he happens to get my phone and it's unlocked, there is a really good chance that he will call Grandma.

Colby loves to watch out the window. We moved our living room around again and now he can easily look out the sliding door. He loves to watch people and the cars. I'm really hoping his environmental allergies don't keep us inside when it starts getting nice out, as I think he is really going to enjoy being outside and playing.

 Colby is still wearing 12 month clothes. I have a feeling he will be for a couple more months.

Colby knows which shoes are his shoes. When we start to get ready to leave and I tell the kiddos to get their shoes, he joins right in with Kyle and Emily pulling his shoes out of the bin. He tries to put them on, but hasn't really figured that one out yet. He will also bring other people their shoes and try to put them on their feet too!

As miserable as the kiddo has been the past month with all his GI and respiratory issues, he has been one happy kid! Other than throwing fits when he doesn't get his way, Colby is pretty laid back like his daddy. He's very happy and smiley most of the time, even when he doesn't feel good!

Schedule wise, things are pretty much the same. Colby normally wakes up between 4:30 and 5:30 am to nurse and then goes back to sleep until about 8:00 am. Breakfast is first thing, then lots of playing or adventures until lunch time around noon. After lunch, Colby nurses and then goes down for his nap. Most days he sleeps until 3:00 pm or so. Then it's more playing until dinner around 5:30 pm. After dinner, we pick up toys, take baths, read the Bible, and put the crazies in bed around 7:00 pm. Colby then nurses and goes to bed. Most nights, he is in bed sleeping by 8:00 pm.