Friday, July 11, 2014

OB Visit

Tuesday afternoon I had an OB visit.
The baby's heart beat sounded great and was 168 bpm.
The only concern is that I've lost more weight... bringing me up to a total loss of 11 lbs this pregnancy. It's only a slight concern because I've had issues with loosing weight with both of my other pregnancies as well. Next Thursday I go in for my NT ultrasound, so they will check out everything with the baby then to make sure the baby is growing and stuff!

Two Follow Up Visits for Two Boys!

On Sunday night, Kyle fell on his arm and was pretty miserable. Monday morning I called the ortho's office to see if he could get in any sooner and they were able to work him in on Monday afternoon. The doctor took off the temporary cast and put on a full arm cast. Kyle picked the color BLUE (no surprise there!). We go back the first week of August to get the cast off and another set of x-rays. Depending on what the x-rays show at that time, Kyle will either get a new cast or be in a brace for another month or so. In the mean time, no swimming, no water games, no bike riding (or anything with wheels), no sand, no dirt, no running, no climbing, no playgrounds/swing sets...

Tuesday morning, we took Colby to the dentist. He was a big boy and sat in the chair all by himself and sat real still for his x-rays. The dentist smoothed out his teeth. She said that they will eventually turn yellow or grey and fall out. Depending on when they do will depend if we do anything more or just let them be until his adult teeth come in.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Two Boys = Two ER Visits

For those of you that don't know, we are currently in Chicago on a missions trip with our teens. The teens are working with Vision for Youth and Inner City Impact doing a soccer camp. The kiddos and I are staying with Brent's sister Alyssa and her family and spending part of our days with Daddy and the teens.

Sunday the teens were all at Alyssa and Shane's house helping with a move and as they were getting ready to leave on Sunday night, Colby fell and smacked his mouth on a shelf. He screamed and was bleeding and missing part of his tooth. We called our pediatrician's office and after talking to the on-call physician, decided Colby needed to go to the ER to get check out. Kyle and Emily stayed with Alyssa and Shane while Colby and I went to the hospital. They checked him all out at the hospital. He has four teeth... he broke both of the top two.... The ER doctor said he was fine to wait until we got home to go to the dentist, but will probably need root canals and crowns on both teeth!

Today Alyssa and Harper (her 3 month old) joined the kids and I when we went to hang out with the teens. The kids were sitting on the bleachers and Alyssa and I kept telling Emily and Colby to sit down because they were climbing all over. At one point, Emily got her arm stuck and I had to get her some ice. Kyle was sitting still on the bottom bench (about a foot off the ground) and somehow fell. I hopped right up to him expecting him to start screaming but be fine. As soon as I saw his arm, I knew it was broken and most likely badly broken. 

Brent called 911 and Kyle screamed the whole time we waited for the ambulance to get there. As soon as we got into the ambulance, he calmed down and didn't cry again until they set his arm. 

Luckily Alyssa was there and took care of Emily and Colby. She, along with one of our teens (Gabby), got the kids into the van and met us at the hospital. 

I thought Kyle would be excited about the ambulance right, but at the time he didn't really seem to care. Once we got to the hospital, we got checked in and not to long after that a PA saw Kyle in triage and said the same thing as the EMT's... it's was broken, but the real question was how bad. Once Gabby was inside with Kyle and I, she went with Kyle to get his x-rays (since Mommy couldn't stay with him because of the baby in my belly). Gabby and the tech both said he did really good while he was getting his x-rays. 

A little while later the doctor same and showed us the x-ray. He broke both bones in his right forearm. Normally when little kids break bones they just kind of bend them... but Kyle completely broke both bones. 

The plan was to sedate him so they could set the bones. They got him all ready with his IV and hooked up to all the monitors and stuff.. and then they gave him the meds and nothing happened. After three doses, he was a little silly, but still WIDE awake. They pharmacist came in, and her and the doctor were both very confused why Kyle was still awake. They tried a different drug and within seconds he was asleep. They set his arm and put a temporary cast on it and then we had to wait for him to wake up. It took a little longer than expected, but eventually he woke up. He was kind of crabby, but that was to be expected. After he went pee, ate some crackers, and drank some juice, he were finally able to be discharged. 

Alyssa was AMAZING and kept Harper, Emily, and Colby content all afternoon between the car and ER waiting room! She was waiting for us when we came out... and we got some food and took Gabby back to the teens and headed home!

On the way home, it was funny listening to Kyle tell Emily all about riding in the ambulance, getting x-rays taken, and showing off his cast! When I put him to bed, he was really excited to go show the teenagers tomorrow! 

So, next week when we get home, Colby will get to see the dentist and Kyle will get to see an orthopedic for his BLUE cast!  

Saturday, June 28, 2014

17 Months Old!

I didn't do pictures with the blocks today... but we had family pictures taken... so the pictures are from that! :)

Colby is a little stinkerpotumus! He loves having attention and knows that he is cute! 

The biggest news from the past month is Colby can EAT MORE FOOD! He has eaten tomatoes, citrus, and carrots with no reaction! He has also had dairy baked and cooked into things and have no reaction! A huge change from even the tiniest bit of dairy in something covering him in hives and effecting his breathing! (When we get back from Chicago next week, we will try cheese and yogurt!) And he LOVES to eat! He has started to climb into his high chair when it's getting close to meal time and asking for food! And he normally eats more than Kyle and Emily do!

Colby is still nursing at least twice a day, some days more. Always after lunch and before bed, but he also sometimes does in the morning still. If he doesn't in the morning, I pump and he gets breastmilk in his cup.

Colby's vocabulary is slowly expanding, but he still doesn't have a huge list of words that he says. He is very good at listening and understands pretty much everything we tell him though!

Environmental allergy wise, Colby is still allergic to everything. If we forget to give him is zrytec in the morning, he normally has a running nose by lunch time. Hopefully by the time next summer comes around, these will improve!

Colby loves to do whatever Kyle and Emily are doing. He normally plays right along with them. He loves to play cars with Kyle and babies with Emily. He also LOVES to color and wear stickers! He also does an okay job helping pick up toys and put things away.

Colby also likes to go to time out... When he does something wrong and we tell him to go to time out, he normally runs with a big smile on his face. Not the most effective punishment right now, but hopefully he'll eventually realize it's not a game and he's in trouble!

Colby still only has four teeth and no signs of any others trying to come in.

He's still wearing mostly 12 month clothes, with a few 18 months thrown in. Most of his jammies are 18 months though.

Schedule wise, he's still pretty much the same. Up around 8:00am, and then breakfast and play/adventure until lunch at noon. Then nurse and down for a nap. Most days he sleeps for about two hours. Dinner around 5:30, and then nurse/bed around 7:00pm. He is doing better sleeping through the night... as long as he and I don't have any gluten.

Colby is a grandpa's boy, just like his big brother! One of the few words he actually does say is "Granka." He loves looking at pictures of Grandpa and is always sure to point him out and let everyone know who is in the picture!

Most of the time, he's a very happy little boy!