Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin and Paint

We picked out a pumpkin... (Apparently I only took one picture...) Daddy only let us get one, so we had to agree on one and share!

And then we painted the pumpkin and Daddy painted us! 

And Mommy helped us paint Daddy!

We Moved!

I'm guessing most people know, but we moved last weekend!

Our new house is finally starting to feel like home for all of us. Kyle has finally stopped asking to go "home"...meaning back to our apartment!

Here are some pictures....

The playroom. Having all the toys in one room has really made up realize how many toys we actually have! They love the mat on the floor. Colby loves taking out the letters and shapes and putting them back in!

This is the view from the front door. At the end of the hallway is the kitchen. To the right is the living room and dinning room.

The living room and dinning room...

The downstairs bathroom...

The laundry hallway...

The mud room...

The kitchen...

The hallway looking from the kitchen to the front door...

The boys bedroom. So far, they are enjoying sharing a bedroom. It was a rough first week, but they are finally taking naps/rests and doing okay at night.

The upstairs bathroom...

Emily and Peyton's room. Her Toy Story stickers are now on the wall, along with Peyton's animal stickers. Emily is loving having her own room, but is also very excited to share a room with Peyton when he's ready. She keeps asking when we are going to get Peyton's crib and dresser.

Mommy and Daddy's room...

I just realized I never took any picture outside... Maybe this afternoon I'll take some and update!

OB Check Up

Yesterday I had a check up with my OB.

All went well.

My belly measured "perfect!"

I gained two pounds... I'm now only two pounds below what I was when I got pregnant!

My glucose test came back normal.

The only "bad" thing is my iron was low on my blood work from last week. As of right now, I'm just supposed to increase the iron in my diet. If it's still down in a month or so, she might want me to start taking supplements.

And that's that... I'm now going for check ups every two weeks! That means we are getting closer to meeting this little dude who doesn't like to be still in my belly!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Colby's Weight Check

Colby was scheduled for his follow up weight check appointment this morning, but due to a scheduling error/issue (or something!) we ended up seeing a different doctor.

A month ago (at 19 months), Colby was 20 lbs even. Not worry about the fact that he's on the very low end of the growth chart, the doctor was concerned because he's not following a typical curve. His "curve" is going to look funny because of the weight issues that are caused by celiac disease, but after being on a gluten free diet, his should start a new curve and continue to grow and gain weight. At Colby's 12 month visit, he was 19 lbs 8 oz, he then was up to 21 lbs 9 oz before he got sick, and then dropped down to just below 18 lbs. At his 15 month visit, he was up to 20 lbs 14 oz, so we were hoping that his weight issues had resolved themselves and that he would start to gain again. So, there was a bit of concern when he was down again at his 18 month visit (at 19 months old).

Today Colby was up to 21 lbs even! So he's up a whole pound from where he was a month ago! I'm excited that he's gained, but at the same time understand the reality could be a month ago his bladder was empty and today it was full...which could make a difference.

The doctor we saw today, said he wants to have Colby's regular doctor decide if we need to do anything other than just watch and see if he continues to gain since he's not familiar with Colby's "complex medical history." (I think celiac disease tends to scare some doctors.) So, we are waiting for a phone call on Monday to know if we need to go blood work, follow up with Colby's GI doctor, or just wait and see what the little dude does between now and his two year well child visit.

I was worried, but my mind is at ease now know that he is gaining. We've been told a few times that it normally takes celiac kids about six months on a gluten free diet for them to start absorbing nutrients "normal" again. We are just a week shy of the six month mark for being gluten free. So, my guess is that everything is going to be okay... as long as we keep gluten away from the kid!! :)